Many people find that inheriting real estate can be stressful. My approach is to help you navigate the process from acquisition to sale of the estate property.

It’s been said that when there is a will, there's a way. If that will includes you as the Personal Representative or a beneficiary of a home upon the death of a relative or friend, you’ll need to prepare for the financial and personal ramifications. 
Kathy Stoltman is here to help you throughout the process and specializes in selling the estate home for the most amount of money the market will bear.




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In simple terms, probate is the process of winding down the earthly affairs of the deceased. Yet probate can be anything but simple.

Probate is the legal process through which the court oversees the estate of a deceased person to make sure the debts are paid and the estate is properly distributed to the heirs.
Kathy has put together complimentary reports that will help you better understand your role and responsibilities as the Personal Representative and the carefully choreographed steps of the probate timeline.

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Meet your probate real estate advocate. Kathy cares.

Other than an attorney, your greatest ally will be a probate real estate professional that can get the best price the market will bear. You can reduce your stress knowing that the property sale and other time-saving services are handled by Kathy Stoltman.
If you are appointed the Personal Representative, there are many daunting responsibilities. Why add the sale of the estate home to your list?
Kathy is committed to saving the estate money and maximizing the dollar amount of its assets. Putting your family's needs first, Kathy will listen to your needs, provide you with a fair assessment, and sell the estate home in the most efficient manner.
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Your guidance, honesty and sheer determination with finding us what we wanted in a home is so appreciated that words cannot express. Thank you!
~ Nat & Jim

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